Post-It Notes Activity

Materials: Post-It Notes 

Goals:  Create a sense of community as well as clarify questions/misconceptions about the course


  • Pass around post-it notes and instruct each student to take 3-4 post-its
  • On the board, write sentence stems/prompts for the students to complete on their post-its (the prompts can be specific to the class or the general college experience; I find it’s good to have a mix of the two, especially if the class is mostly first-year students)
  • As the students finish writing, have them stick their post-its under the appropriate headings on the board
  • Discuss the answers as a class.  Point out themes or trends, have the class give each other advice, etc.  

This is a great first-day exercise, but it can also be used mid-semester as a check-in for the class.

A few prompt examples:

  • One thing I am excited about in this class/in my first year is…
  • One thing I’m nervous about in this class/in my first year is…
  • One question I have is…
  • One goal I have for this class/this semester is…



Image courtesy of
Teaching Assistant at University of Illinois at Chicago


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