Peer Review Forms

These handouts were developed to help students provide productive and specific feedback during peer review.  The goal of these forms is for students to identify and summarize what they’ve read in their partners’ work, which can help writers consider the gaps between what they think they’ve said and what their audience understands.  This approach also supports students in giving constructive criticism based on specific generic expectations, such as the strength of thesis statements, organization, and use of sources. 

These forms are designed for three assignments—a connection essay about two class readings, an argumentative essay, and one piece of writing from a multi-genre portfolio—but can be tailored for any writing assignment.  This structured approach to peer review may be a useful tool early in the semester, and can help scaffold toward more student-determined feedback later in the semester.







Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash


PhD Student at University of Illinois at Chicago

Danielle Bauman-Epstein is a Ph.D. student in English Education at the
University of Illinois at Chicago, and she holds an M.A. in English from
Loyola University Chicago.  Danielle has taught composition and literature
classes at UIC focusing on literacy, social justice, feminism, and British


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