“Classroom Hacks” a Podcast for Educators 


There are essentially two things that educators love to do: teach and complain about teaching.  The latter tends to come with the territory of the former.  It’s not that teachers don’t love their jobs, students, or institutions, its just that each of those components can eventually weigh heavier and heavier as a semester progresses.  Whether teachers/lecturers/professors are developing a lesson plan, putting together a PowerPoint, Prezi, or Atavist presentation, answering emails, working on another degree, or looking for part-time, full-time, or tenured positions, the struggle is real.  The goal of the “Classroom Hacks” podcast is twofold.  Essentially, much like Duringofficehours.com, we are trying to provide an avenue for perspective and advice on teaching.  Moreover, we try to incorporate a little bit of lightheartedness and humor into our Podcast to help remind each other that we can relate to our interconnected, educational plight.             

 Taking on Topics Longform:

Each episode we pick a particular topic and have a conversation about it.  Topics range from ice-breakers to group activities, student learning and modern projects.   My co-host and I have taught at various institutions and have also held different positions, both in and out of education, so we try to bring a little bit of our experiences, knowledge, and humor to each subject.     

More than just Dialogue:

One thing we try to do to separate our podcast from the traditional format is to mix in some humorous yarns about education.  Whether those are commercials, interviews, or parodies, our goal is to remind our audience to take our jobs seriously but ourselves lightly. 

Networking and Exposure:  

“Classroom Hacks” is always looking to connect and would appreciate the opportunity to network with instructors, educators, administrators, and other creative minds looking to speak on behalf of their experiences, roles, or niches in the academic universe. 


Educators will always be the first to admit that they are life-long learners.  “Classroom Hacks” is no different as we are consistently looking to learn from the creativity, ingenuity, and inspiration of others.  As with any venture, our goal is to reach as many voices across the academic spectrum to put together the most comprehensive conversation for our listeners.  If you are interested in listening please visit our SoundCloud or Facebook pages.


SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/eric-tan-351997349

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riceant84/     


English Lecturer & Adjunct Instructor at College of Dupage & Elmhurst College

Eric Tan is an English Lecturer at the College of Dupage and an Adjunct English Instructor at Elmhurst College.  He has taught English composition, rhetoric, creative writing, and has also worked as a writing center tutor.   Eric graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and received his Master’s Degree from Elmhurst College.  He is an advocate for creative expression and encourages his students to reach their inspired potential through ventures beyond traditional essays. Currently, Eric is working on a Podcast project, that tries to teach teachers to not take teaching so seriously, with a colleague in Philosophy and Religious Studies.


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