Who We Are:

At During Office Hours, we’re a group of like-minded teachers in higher education who want to create an easy to use, open access source for teaching resources.

Our Goals:

We want to be able to collect, share, and archive all the ideas, information, best practices, and advice that you’ve accumulated during your teaching careers. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new teacher, a tenured professor or an adjunct or a TA, we hope that everyone can contribute to and benefit from this site.

The easiest way to describe what we’re looking for is to think about what we do during office hours: prepare, plan, reflect, and problem solve (to name a few). In short, we want what you already have: your tried and tested methods, tips, techniques, handouts, assignments, advice, and ideas.

Where Our Resources Come From:

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Comments, Questions, or Suggestions?

Contact us by sending a message to editors@duringofficehours.com

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