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Teaching Assistant at University of Illinois at Chicago

Jay Yencich is a poet, essayist, and critic.  He received his MFA from the
University of Washington, where he was awarded the Academy of American
Poets Prize among other distinctions.  He presently holds a teaching
fellowship in the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Program for Writers
Ph.D, where he studies ecopoetics, 17th century verse, Anglo-Saxon
literature, and other odd topics that he draws connections between for

The World as Seen, Heard, Experienced, Written

An assignment sequence where students explore the world of the arts, beginning with photography and increasing in writing involvement and critical scrutiny through the worlds of music and film before finally concluding in a work of literature. Through these various lenses, students examine both the status of these arts, what goes into evaluating them, and their relation to their campus, its history, and the world at large.

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